LEGACY (noun)

‘something from past or handed down or remains from a previous generation or time’ 

Did you know that every sip of Legacy is a small part of a long and proud South African wine legend?

In 1957, a German winemaker working at Bellingham wine farm in Franschhoek was inspired to create a wine in the typical style of his home town of Johannisberg in Germany. The softly sweet fruity white blended wine was immediately popular and fast became a favourite in South Africa.

Bellingham Johannisberger was not only famous for its delicious drinkability, but also for the famous bottle that was especially designed to follow the shape of the Groot Drakenstein mountain peak that towers over the original Bellingham homestead. In fact, the instantly recognisable bottle was very often used as candle holders in Italian restaurants, bistros and cafés and Bellingham Johannisberger became entrenched and expected on every wine list for 4 decades creating a ‘Legacy’ for future generations of South Africa.

With the advent of democracy, the face South African wine began to evolve rapidly in line with international trends and wine drinking styles. In keeping with modern inclinations and relevance, Bellingham Johannisberger became the Legacy Johannisberger in a slightly more svelte bottle, yet always faithful to the original semi-sweet stein-style white blended wine that has been loved through the generations.

If you look closely at the bottle, you will still spot the famous Bellingham gable as a badge of honour and endorsement of the lineage and pedigree that makes this one of South Africa’s most enduringly popular wines.