Life is too short! Tuesday, Mar 26 2013 

Life is too short so leave a Legacy!

Have a lovely weekend Legacy fans, what are you pairing our wine with tonight? Friday, Mar 22 2013 

Happy Human Rights Day Legacy fans! Hopefully you can sit back with a glass of Legacy wine and back the Proteas! Thursday, Mar 21 2013 

Wednesday, Mar 20 2013 


Tuesday, Mar 19 2013 


Sunday, Mar 17 2013 

Tuesday, Mar 12 2013 


Have a lovely today Legacy fans! Thursday, Mar 7 2013 


If you could have any car, what kind of car would you get? Would it be a classic or super modern? Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 


Life is like a camera… Monday, Mar 4 2013 

Life is like a camera...