They were three of the most recognisable faces of the 20th Century – but how would Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Adolf Hitler have looked if they had lived to old age?

The images show one photographer’s interpretation of how time might have taken its toll.

Monroe, the ultimate 1950s sex symbol, appears with smudged lip stick and eye shadow, her smile tightened, perhaps after plastic surgery.

Her fashionable, low-cut clothes no longer sit so well on a body that is beginning to succumb to the ravages of time.

Decades of exertion have also left their mark on Bruce Lee, the star of numerous martial arts films.

His torso is still taught and lean but is marked with scars, and his boyish face is aged by wrinkles and greying hair.

The image of Hitler as an old man is perhaps most disturbing. Bloodshot eyes and white hair give the dictator’s familiar intense stare an even more haunting edge.