Popping the bubbly is part of the party and the here is a few tips to open a bottle of Bubbly.

1.    Make sure your bottle is chilled – none of that luke-warm nonsense. Your bottle of bubbly should be very cold to the touch; this insures maximum bubbly potential and less foam when the bottle is popped. Make sure it is not bordering on frozen as its taste and gorgeous bubbles can be lost.

2.    Once your bottle of bubbly has reached the appropriate popping potential dry off the bottle; you don’t want it to slip out of your hands while impressing the guests. Then take off the foil top and loosen the wire cage. You can either loosen the entire cage surrounding the cork and take it off or leave it on; just in case too much pressure has built up inside – this will prevent the cork from shooting into the unsuspecting audience.

3.    Drape a kitchen towel over the champagne bottle which will catch the cork if it decides to fly away from you and will prevent spillage (very important).

4.    With your one hand hold the cork (covered by the towel) with a little bit of downward pressure, then with the other hand slowly start twisting the bottom of the bottle (don’t yank on the cork).

5.    Twist the bottle and the cork in opposite directions until a gentle piff is heard; this is the Co2 escaping – if it’s a loud pop you have let our too much Co2 and you will probably need a mop to clean up the spillage.

6.    If no loud bang has occurred it means you have saved the bubbles and impressed your guests with your champagne popping finesse.

7.    Pour at an angle into a champagne flute to avoid too much foam in the glass which will again lose more precious bubbles.

8.    Toast and sip with festive delight!

Source: food24